Contract Bottling

Are you looking to outsource your manufacturing brand to a Trusted Supplier that provides a fully turnkey solution enabling you to focus solely on marketing and sales?

Dvine Laboratories offers the following comprehensive solutions with Minimum Order Quantities as low as 1,000 bottles.

Our Value:

  • Fully stocked Raw Materials and Inventory Management.
  • We ensure your requirements are always in stock and ready for you.
  • Lab Testing included in contract no hidden fees.
  • Art and Media Services included.
  • You pick your bottle type we will purchase and house inventory.
  • Multiple Label Stocks Available (White, Clear, Metallic etc).
  • Drop shipping to your clients available, no inventory for you to hold.
  • ISO 9001 QM Facility purpose built 3200 Sq Ft Clean Room.
  • Confidentiality Agreement and Secure storage of all Intellectual Property.
  • Automated and Hand Bottling Services to ensure as you grow we will deliver.
  • Exclusive Nic Select Nicotine for all clients.
  • Batch Documentation with full Audit and Quality Management.
  • Over 900 Flavors available and growing always in stock.
  • MSDS Documentation Available.
  • All facilities are monitored with Card Access to ensure the highest security is provided.

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