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Stay Away Hand Sanitizer

Stay Away: Hand Sanitizer

They say need is the birth place to all creation.  COVID19 provided the unprecedented need for personal protection equipment worldwide.  Dvine Laboratories quickly examined their facilities and began the process to retool one of their lab facilities to fulfill the need for hand sanitizers.  After sourcing supplies and Health Canada approval production began.  Currently, Dvine Laboratories produces approximately 25,000 litres of hand sanitizer per week. Although, an impressive amount, the need for this product is greater which has resulted in a 2-3 week processing time for orders.

Common Questions:

What sizes do the hand sanitizers come in?
Dvine Laboratories offers five different hand sanitizer sizes based customer needs.

Is there a minimum order?
Dvine Laboratories accept case orders only, which helps speed up the production time and get the product in the hands of those who need it as soon as possible. 

Can anyone order?
Anyone can place an order.  Our priority is to get the product in the hands of the front line and essential workers as quickly as possible, so their orders get rushed.

Is this a liquid or gel hand sanitizer?
The Stay Away hand sanitizer is in liquid form. Gel sanitizers are extremely difficult to acquire supplies for in Canada. Rest assured, Stay Away is effective – Health Canada agrees.

How do I get more information?
Dvine Laboratories knows you have lots of questions about the effectiveness of hand sanitizers.  Check out their Information Package with more details.  Feel free to call – they are here to help.

Stay Away Hand Sanitizer

What makes Stay Away better than the rest?

Stay Away Hand Sanitizer

Dvine Labs proudly holds these ISO certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 22716 Cosmetic cGMP
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory

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