SnowPlus, a leading vape company headquartered in Beijing, China, have partnered with Dvine Laboratories, the leading premium Canadian e-liquid manufacturer based in Lindsay, Ontario. Their strategic partnership combines high quality closed-system vape innovation with high quality, locally filled e-liquid solutions.

SnowPlus entered the Canadian market in April 2020, and is excited to take the next step in sustainable growth with local Canadian manufacturing. "More than ever, made in Canada matters to the Canadian consumer, and by being able to create new Canadian jobs during a time of economic uncertainty like we have today, makes this partnership even more rewarding than simply the supply chain and product development advantages", says Brad Jemmett, General Manager of SnowPlus Canada.





Founded in April 2019, SnowPlus is dedicated to replacing combustible tobacco through consistent quality and a commitment to innovating better vaping experiences. SnowPlus products have passed a number of third-party safety certifications and are made with components that meet the highest medical safety standards. To date, SnowPlus has received $40 million in Series A financing which is among the largest funding for any startup in the e-cigarette industry.


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SnowPlus has been one of the fastest growing vape brands in the world according to device shipments since they started in 2019. Their collection of vape devices and Canadian pod flavors stand out due to a focus on product quality and user-centric innovation they build into their products. These include:

  • 400 mAh internal cell rated device for 300 puffs with universal micro USB charging port
  • High quality magnetic pod fastening, also featuring 4th generation double seal design to prevent leakage
  • Each pod contains 2 ml of Canadian made premium e-liquid

Entering into the Canadian market, SnowPlus aimed to work with trusted and reputable local partners. Dvine Laboratories has been setting the standard in manufacturing the highest quality e-liquids in Canada and provides full-service support for their customers and partners


"SnowPlus is a great partner because not only do we have a sense of shared missions, both teams understand the need to stay agile as regulatory changes and consumer needs can happen quite frequently in our industry. This is a vital characteristic to offer our vape partners in Canada,"

Nicolas Paparamborda, VP of Sales of Dvine Laboratories.





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