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Without a doubt, the best e-liquid supplier in Canada

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Let us help you change people’s lives with unique products and proven blends



Visit our facilities and work with our team to develop unique, exclusive products



GC Services

Gas Chromatography available to validate your flavour blends in-house.

Automated Bottling Services

High-volume production capabilities for quick turnaround on large orders.

Hand Bottling Services

Low-volume production services for drop-ship orders and small-to-medium quantities.

Art and Media Solutions

In-house brand development / label creation to CCCR:2001 standards.

Contract Bottling

Confidential, out-sourced production services to meet client’s unique distribution demands.

White Label Custom House Brands

150+ professionally developed blends available for custom labelling with low MOQs.

Wholesale Supplies

700+ unique flavourings available, NicSelect mixing base, and USP-grade PG/VG.

Fully Insured

Product Liability Insurance to cover all brands manufactured in our facility.

About Dvine Labatories

Dvine e-Juice was founded to provide Canadians with an alternate choice to smoking cigarettes. While a cigarette smoker, I tried for many years to find a satisfying enough substitute with no luck. Finally, I discovered e-cigarettes. They provided a similar experience to smoking, which also gave me the nicotine I craved. Not only could I choose from many flavors of tobacco but any flavor I might desire was possible. I did not feel like I was giving anything up – I had my nicotine but no longer did I have the lingering smell of tobacco, the smoker’s cough or the lack of breath I had been experiencing.

Dvine e-Juice is a quality Canadian e-Juice manufacturer using only premium ingredients. All ingredients are food grade and sourced only in North America. Our propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are U.S.P. Grade.

We pride ourselves on our sterile manufacturing facility, as well as making the best e-Juices on the market. All flavors come from premium suppliers and percentages are adjusted based on customer feedback when required to ensure 100% satisfaction. We are confident you will find our products to be the best in the industry!

Our commitment to you is simple:
  • Make the best possible products
  • Offer Superior Customer Satisfaction
  • Above all listen to you, our Customers
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Our Team

Michael Meathrel

Danielle Vine
Vice President Operations

Joel Verburg
Vice President Sales

Canada's most highly-certified
Eliquid Manufacturing facility

Dvine Laboratories is ISO 22716 CGMP Certified & ISO 9001 Certified.

Everything out of our door
is 100% lab tested

All products are tested in-house by certified technicians on Gas Chromatography systems.


We’re always interested in new dealers, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your vaping needs.

If you want to contact us about any issue please call (905) 233-2486 or send us an e-mail. If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply submit a quote.